SuperCard DStwo 3DS & DS GBA Emulator

SuperCard DSTWO 3DS - have a great Nintendo DS / DSi ROM compatibility. Works on all DS/DSi and the new Nintendo 3DS handhelds. And best of all is the exclusive GBA rom, SNES ROMs emulators and now even MAME arcade set emulator, that no other regular R4 cards can run, because SuperCard DSTWO has a built-in processor handle these emulators. (And no there is no patch or crack to run SuperCards GBA and SNES emulators on regular R4i SDHC cards, AceKard 3 or AceKard 2i or any other R4 card that has no onboard processor). And sure, you can run emulated NES, GameBoy Color and GAMEBOY classic rom games like all R4 DS cards do.

And I also forgot to mantion DSTWO SuperCard 3DS has another special feature
- the direct reading / playback of DivX and other AVI MKV movies - download from the torrents - no conversion required, just copy the files and play on the DS Lite, DSi or Nintendo 3DS!

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Early NDSand DS Lite handhelds had a Gameboy SLOT-2 on the console to add backward compatibility, but with DSi and N3DS Nintendo has traded the GBA cartridge support for an SD card slot. To get back support for the GB, GBC and GBA games users have to add a SuperCard DStwo adapter with which you can play backup copies of classic games on the new devices.

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GBA Roms Emulator 3DS DSi

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EZ-Flash Advance Linkers for GBA games, R4DS for Nintendo DS, R4i DSi flash cards and R4 3DS compatible flash carts for N3DS.

R4 3DS Flash Cards

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Use R4i SDHC or SuperCard DStwo or AceKard 3 to play GB, GBC and GBA games on Nintendo 3DS and DSi XL.

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SuperCard DSTWO with GBA Emulator - Thanks to a built in co-processor SC3DS can use excluse SNES, MAME and GBA rom emulators to play game backups from these 16-bit and 32-bit consoles when as other R4 cards can handle only 8-bit console roms like NES, GB and GBC.


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NDS roms NeoFlash 
- the first Nintendo DS flash card
(also works with GBA) released.
NDS Neo Flash Card review

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GAMEBOY games on 3DS NDS DSi - Gameboy Cheats - Action Replay Cheats Codes.

Top Gameboy Games + Cheats

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How to use R4 Action Replay Duo with cheat codes that are published for R4 Action Replay Codes.


How to use R4 to play Game Boy Advance Roms.

Only SuperCard DSTWO 3DS and iPlayer R4 cards that have a co-processor built in to the R4 cartridge can run the GBA rom emulator on DS / DSi and 3DS.

GameBoy DS Action Replay cheat codes for DSi.

GBA-on-DSi and GBA-on-3DS !

Play Gameboy Advance Games on Nintendo 3DS and DSi XL with Action Replay cheat codes - GBA Games on DSi


Pokemon Emulator Cheat System

The cheat code System is Great An ActionReplay (AP) compatible cheat code engine. It directly supports the following file format:






Just copy the cheat code file(s) into the G6DS (any location), select the cheat code file from the option of "select file". Some cheat code items will appear under the "cheatcode" tag if the cheat code for that game is available. Users may select to enable any of the items from the list. To make the cheat code takes effect, please remember to turn the "cheat switch" option on. All the items or options you've selected will be kept in the ".gmc" file, so that users are not necessary to select the items or options every time.