How to play GAMEBOY™ games on GBA, NDS, DSi and 3DS

If you already own a classic GameBoy™ Game - You do not have to buy it again and again with every new Nintendo console release. Using emulators and low cost microSD flash cards (GBA, 3DS and DS cartridges with flash memory) customers can emulate Gameboy Games the same way that Wii Virtual Console does. Nintendo would even sell you these emulated games as New games when in fact you can download them for free.

Check out - for GBA, GBC flash linkers and DS Lite R4 cards.

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GBA Game Backup Tools

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EZ-Flash Advance Linkers for GBA games, R4DS for Nintendo DS, R4i DSi flash cards and R4 3DS compatible flash carts for N3DS.

R4 3DS Flash Cards

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Use R4i SDHC or SuperCard DStwo or AceKard 3 to play GB, GBC and GBA games on Nintendo 3DS and DSi XL.

Nintendo Code DataBase

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SuperCard DSTWO with GBA Emulator - Thanks to a built in co-processor SC3DS can use excluse SNES, MAME and GBA rom emulators to play game backups from these 16-bit and 32-bit consoles when as other R4 cards can handle only 8-bit console roms like NES, GB and GBC.

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GAMEBOY games on 3DS NDS DSi - Gameboy Cheats - Action Replay Cheats Codes.

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How to use R4 Action Replay Duo with cheat codes that are published for R4 Action Replay Codes.


How to use R4 to play Game Boy Advance Roms.

Only SuperCard DSTWO 3DS and iPlayer R4 cards that have a co-processor built in to the R4 cartridge can run the GBA rom emulator on DS / DSi and 3DS.

GameBoy DS Action Replay cheat codes for DSi.

GBA-on-DSi and GBA-on-3DS !

Play Gameboy Advance Games on Nintendo 3DS and DSi XL with Action Replay cheat codes - GBA Games on DSi


Early NDSand DS Lite handhelds had a Gameboy SLOT-2 on the console to add backward compatibility, but with DSi and N3DS Nintendo has traded the GBA cartridge support for an SD card slot. To get back support for the GB, GBC and GBA games users have to add a SuperCard DStwo adapter with which you can play backup copies of classic games on the new devices.

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